Wakeup Early: Beautiful n Peaceful morning view

when i was child.. i always wish that morning should be when i wake up not when morning comes i have to wake up.

But now i love to wake up in the morning……..

when sun is also taking yawns and give us sweet n cute smileys 🙂 n said hey u wake up so early…………. 🙂

it make me feel amazing when i walk on the roof of my house near the nature all green leaves of the trees around my house are fresh n new in this rainy season………… everything is awesome around there.

I would definitely love to watch birds of all colors sitting on the boundary wall of my house.. doing a special chit chats (special because i don’t understand their language but i tried to feel them) and take a slow walk there and that gives me peace.. n different views of all the problems, challenges and bring new positivity in me..

i love to wake up early in morning…

Many times people ask me how I wake up so early. I have my own reasons to wake up.
I either wake up to start reading a new book that I had bought the day before or to finish the one which I had already started,

Enjoying the peaceful morning with nature..

Feel free to make breakfast for my mom and eat with her happily 🙂

Feel happy when i wake up before my mom and ask her to come with me for walk..

ALL these feelings are priceless..

When i see myself happy with these feelings i wonder why people always keep busy making money..

when you easily feel peace and happiness with doing some sweet little things with your loved ones that make you feel satisfied that you couldn’t feel by spending lots of money..

that’s why i believe in

  HAppiness is Inside US…………..







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