one who hate you the most:Helps you to be a better person

Always try to be nice with the person who hates you and your well known enemy..

You can learn from that person..Because When you try to harm others, you will end up helping them by pointing out their weaknesses and making them stronger.

your enemies, they will points out all your weakness and you get chance to be a better person..

and there is another point too..

when you see the person who hurt you and bad you always remember that what you don’t wanna be. So you always know what exactly what  you don’t want in your life and it helps you to improve you as a person..

Never put your yourself in hate, anger, rage and all these type of negative feelings all these feelings have reverse effect too.

how much you have these feelings you always feel heavy  and not able to make any good with your also destroys your creativity, mental peace.

your life never be peaceful with all these negativity……… so just through all these negativity from your heart and sweep out it with meditation and became a great person and focus on positivity around you.. feel it and observe it within yourself……….

Be happy 🙂544328_504572416271147_1320158354_n

One thought on “one who hate you the most:Helps you to be a better person

  1. Yep great thought, smile on your enemies… but first thing just ignore them …leave them live happily in their life and indulge yourself to positive things life ain’t have enough time span to spend time on these things.. Live your life..Enjoy the journey..

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