Life : A wonderful canvas…………..

Life…really a remarkable question. Everyone has their own point of view about life..

Some says life is beautiful because it is full of surprises, happiness.

Some says life is hard… It never gives you second chance, it provide you a moment only once. It is harsh, painful and mean.

Some says life is short, so live it fullest…

We all are talk about the same thing and everyone has different views… Why?

Because we all said what we really feel about our life, experiences based on it.

So, I think Life is all about how we feel it.

If we feel that our life going to be awesome, then there is no choice for life to make us not feel the same..

Because we going to find out good from every Bad.

Happiness from every sorrow…

Humor from our pain…

Success from failure…

Learn from every single thing…

Life is greatest journey of our own selves here we going through every kind of emotions, relations, feelings, experience, situations.. And all this add a new landmark in our journey of life.

We just make ourselves depressed while thinking about what we don’t have ………. When we already have plenty of things for which we have to be thankful and happy.

We all feel low when we see someone more successful than us, but we don’t know what he going through.

I think life is a blank canvas……. We all have our colors……..and brushes whatever we add in our canvas it add a new experience in our life.. It may be good or bad….. But it teaches us something.

It’s all up to us which colors we choose for our painting of life…

Add bright colors like joy, happiness, sweetness, fun, smile, beauty, love, respect, truth, Passion.

Or dark colors including sadness, pain, jealousy, revenge, lies, hate, hurt and many more.

A true painter knows how to mix bright with dark colors and develop new shades..

Such as pain and truth mixed well and give a new color (lesson of life).

What we have to do is just choose right brush, right color to fill right place because we only have one canvas so we have to wisely choose which color use when and where..

If we do so, we have a wonderful painting of our life.

In the making of this wonderful painting lots of people came along some tell us new secrets of making it better, some spoils it.. But everyone helps us to add a new beauty in our painting.

What we have to do is just concentrate on our painting and don’t try to spoils others.

Because everyone works hard to make it best 🙂



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