Why do I fight with you?????

I wonder why I fight too much with you.

Lots of arguments, blames, stupid n silly things for no reason

Why suddenly do I switch from sweet moments to a big dramatic fight?

And always say I don’t want to talk to you but in my heart desperately wanted to.

I always complain, you are not the same,

But deep down inside in my heart I know you are still the same.

I made issues of small things, because I expect too much.

I complain, make arguments bcoz I want everything in perfect way.

I blamed bcoz I knew it’s not your fault

But I wanted you to take all responsibilities.

I argue, disagree with you bcoz I am fed up of this world

But still wanted you to hold on to me.

I try to show your mistakes bcoz I wanted to pull best from us.

I cry for you, Bcoz I care for you.

I want “us” to always be together.

I love you.

So, now I have my answer why I fight so frequently

I fight bcoz this is how I show my love for you

This is just another beautiful color of love.

Just love it and be happy with it.

And every fight makes come closer

I know the meaning of your value, space and presence in my life.

I realize how special you are.

Your smile makes my soul lively

The More I miss, the more I feel.

And this feeling strengthens our bond of love.

I am sorry I hurt you,

I am sorry I didn’t understand your feelings,

I am sorry I am not there for you.

But still I love you………………..

Forever and ever.


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