Let me Go~~~

Let me Go…..

I want to feel happiness, please let me go.

I don’t belong here, please let me go.

I don’t want to live like a Doll,

I m not a statue, to decorate in your hall.

I am not artificial, I want to be original.

I want to feel this incredible world.

I want to touch beauty of love.

I want to wear flawless smile on my face.

I want to live my life with grace.

I don’t want to be attractive, I want to be elegant.

I don’t want your support, I want your trust.

I don’t want to run on your expectations,

I want to fly in my own sky,

I want to dream, please let me go.



Rejection doesn’t hurt,    Expectation does.

Moment doesn’t hurt, Memory does.

Word doesn’t hurt, silence does.

Pain doesn’t hurt, scars does.

Love doesn’t hurt, life does.

Happiness doesn’t hurt, emptiness does.

So, Dear Love,

Please let me go.


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