love to be Me

I love to be me..

I hate to wake up on Monday,

want to sleep.

want to continue my dream.

want to think about my future, my love my life.

don’t want to wakeup n get ready for the job.

don’t want to spend my time in calculating the days left for Sunday.

love weekend ……… want it more long.

love to cuddle with my pillow and make lil dreams by my own.

love to be lazy and get breakfast on my bed.

love to watch movies continuously till my eyes get itchy

love to be dirty and messy

Don’t want to look pretty J

love to wear back, not want to wear best of mine.

don’t want to please anyone.

love to eat more, love to laugh, giggle on stupid jokes.

love to texting to my best friend funny stuffs about my Boss.

love to gossip.

love to give opinion on almost everything.

love to make faces.

I m furious dragon for everyone who didn’t do work properly.

Ohh seriously, I love to be me.

don’t care what people think about me.

love to dance, love to cry, love to sing loud.

want to make my own cloud.

Love to make my own rain.

Love to build my own sky.

love to be me……….

I m furious I m curious,

I m wrong I m strong

I m stupid I love cupid

But I m what I m.

And I have no regret for it.

I love to be me.


3d Girl Sitting Guitar In Hand And Black Background

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