10 better way to start your day …………..beautifully.

hi guys,

i have ten magical ways to start your day beautifully…………..



Actually i just brag, its not magic its just the way to realize how beautiful gift we have that called Life.


1. Don’t just wake up and start your day

Before leaving your bed take a moment with yourself smile think about some beautiful memories like a compliment by colleagues or friends that make you feel that you are awesome.

2. Set your Bed

After leaving your bed set your bed because when you comeback from shower n all your bed should be in managed way that will make you happy and calm.

3. Play soft music n do Yoga n some exercise

I know you are getting late n lazy for this but believe me if you do so, you dont need to use anything for glow in your skin.

because sweating from this will make your skin glow, improve your stamina, make you feel light that will help you to be happy all day.

4. Dressed well:

You have to dress well because how you look  always matter. You have to look decent and always wear something which you can carry with confidence not just its in fashion.


5. Take fruity breakfast

your breakfast should contain fruits specially apple, orange and other juicy fruits.

6. Wear a smile.

Believe me everyone like smiley faces.

on your way to office don’t get stressed be happy and ready for your challenges.

7. Help Needy People

Really it makes you happier than ever when you help needy people and they give you real blessings. that happiness n satisfaction you never gonna get by buying anything.

8. Add some motivational quotes and some cartoons on your desk

After reading these quotes,  you will start your work that will help you to be a good person. and those cute little cartoons helps to lighten your mood.and make you to alive little child inside you.

9. Work Hard

no matter what you faces in your personal life be focused on your work.

See your work as your craft and do your best not to impress other. Do it because it reflects you.

10. Be social but avoid gossiping

Talk and give smile to everyone it some time helps you to make better friends and even help you to know whats going on in office, but try to avoid gossiping because it divert your mind in wrong direction and wasting your precious time. So utilize your time by learning new technologies, reading good books and listen to great music its help you to get closer to your goal and soothes your soul.


all these works for me hope it works for you too.

If it really work please let me know .. i be happier 🙂

stay happy stay blessed

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