baby blue

baby blue..

This is for the memory of a sweet Lil baby who I luckily meet a month before.but his sweet memories always rest in my heart.

I saw him he is really cute lil monster.

When I saw this cute lil baby smiling at me. I really feel happy.

We both watch each other and I start taking walk.

He follow me n walk with me and when we came near to each other he giggles n run.

We play dis game about a half hour.

We both enjoys it.

I love his giggles run n cuteness.

Those twinking eyes which are ready when we came across.

Love him n d way he look at me .. so pure so innocence.

His eyes wants to say lots of things to me.

When I saw him sleep I love to watch him.

He looks like an angel who came to earth.

Suddenly I realize why we all say that babies are angel of god.

His cute lil hands want to get the whole world.

His sweet sparkling eyes make me believe in goodness.

His adorable voice keep me smiling.

I love you God for this beautiful present.

God bless you baby.

You my baby blue.

You always rest in my heart as d sweetest cutest n most adorable baby.

Baby blue.



We gonna miss you.

You have no clue.

How much we all love you.

Our blessing always with you.

Keep smiling baby blue.

We gonna miss you.

I know this world is hard.

I know we all have lots of work.

I know we are busy in the race of our life.

But can we take a moment from all this rush n feel the beauty around us.

Beauty of nature.

Beauty of goodness.

Beauty of new born baby.

I take a break n meet with this cute lil baby  my baby blue.

And whenever I am sad n tired of my stressful life.

I take a moment close my eyes and think about baby blue.

N that energized me and help me to fight back harder.

We all have our baby blue.

For some baby blue is his mother.

For some their family.

You have to just take a break and find your baby blue.


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