Beautiful Heart

These lines are dedicated to our beautiful heart that makes us beautiful from inside.

I even don’t remember when i write it, i just found it in my old laptop. I share it with you all

Hope you guys like it.

 beautiful heart

Beautiful heart.

We all have something that separates us from others

That makes us distinct from just a flesh and blood.

That makes us believe in goodness, feelings, emotions and happiness.

That helps us to feel the pain, embrace the gain.

That makes us to follow our dreams,

That strengthens us to face the challenges

That helps us to heal.

That led us to believe in humanity, generosity

That helps to feel alive, different shades of life.

That not just make us live by pumping blood in our veins

Beautiful heart, you are symbol of love,

Full of surprises, you are abyss of memories,

Full of emotions, imaginations.

Full of hope,

You bring light in my soul,

You are pure, you my best friend

You are my beautiful heart.

Beautiful heart, I am really thankful to you.heart

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