What matter most: What someone else thinks about you or what you really are

What matter most: What someone else thinks about you or what you really are

Why we all are so conscious about what people think about us ,

Today an incident happen with me that make me think that way

i start asking to myself why we cares so much what people call us or what they think about us.

Today in a shop a girl asked a 35 year old woman “aunty is it raining out there?”

That woman weirdly starring at her and scolds at her “ How dare you to call me Aunty? Am i look like an aunty to you”

And other women’s with her also responded the same at her, I saw that girls face she was stunned, she apologies for calling her aunty.

I thought is it really matters for you what others called you.

I just don’t think so.

Those women while scolding on that girl watching me I don’t know why may be she wants me on her side too.

IF someone call me aunty it’s not matter for me because if I am then its ok.

If I am not then why would I care?

What someone calls you it’s not matter, what you really are that only matters

What other thinks about your personality that’s not matter, what persona you really have that only matters

This incident also shows that some persons are very much conscious about what others think about them, I saw wreckness in the eyes of that woman,

She scolds on that girl more than five minutes and even though that girl already says sorry for that.

I watched that woman and my mind ask me a question………….

What kind of rage was that?

May be she had a bad day so she just busted here,

Or maybe she wasn’t ready to confront this reality.

And I just smile and leave that place.


2 thoughts on “What matter most: What someone else thinks about you or what you really are

  1. Wow, how rude of that woman to scold that girl. Aunty is a term of respect in a number of cultures. I live in a southern state and here I am often called “Miss Nancy”, mostly by younger women (some men too). I’m not a miss (I’m old enough to be their mother), but it’s meant out of respect and I accept it as that.


  2. yeah that was rude.
    But in now a days its a race of being young.
    thant make people specially women blind. They can do anything to look young just like the witch from the tangled

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