A way to happiness :Art of Giving


Art of giving

If you want to learn art of living,

You must have to understand art of giving.

To live life fullest you must have to learn art of giving.

A simple way to happiness is Art of giving….it soothes your mind body and soul.

art of giving Neha Dixit

“I believe that as much as you take, you have to give back. It’s important not to focus on yourself too much.” –

Nicole Kidman

If you have desire to achieve something, its good for you, you have a goal to live for,

But someone else have hope from you, it’s really a honor.

Can you feel that when a child smiles for you it makes your day a wonderful start.

Achieve everything that you deserve, but give the things which you desire

Give someone happiness, it makes you happy

Give someone hope it brings new light of courage in you.

Give someone a reason to smile; it gives you a ray of hope.

We all are so busy to accomplish our materialistic goals, we never think that a part of us is dying inside us that part is goodness, art of giving, which was naturally embedded with us when we born.

That’s why when we were kid we all are so sweet, give smiles to others, help others, love them, meet everyone gracefully, smiles freely, talk to everyone, dance, enjoying rain.

But what happen to that kid now, we are not able to smile at everyone, we talk to few, hesitate to help.

Just get out of your fences and start giving………….

Don’t focus too much on yourself, it going to destroy the real you.

Think about others who care for you, who waiting for your calls, who want listen to you,

Want to feel your presence,

Give them a reason to believe in you.

Give what you can, it always comes back to you.

If you give good it came back to you as blessings,

If you give bad, it came back as curse.

Choice is yours.

Think about it.

art of giving by neha dixit


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