Magical Beauty

Real Magical Beauty,

Real Magical beauty is not how you look,

Wear expensive accessories,

Glam up with your dresses,

Not even in jimmy choo.

Magical Beautiful by Neha Dixit

Real beauty is inside us,

It’s really magical,

You have everything, what you really have to do is,

Take some time and feel it,

You are butterfly,

You are born to fly,

Just get out of your cocoon,

And feel the moon,

You are special,

Let the world feel it,

Confidence in your smile,
Trust in your eyes,
Sweetness in your voice,
Politeness in your nature,
Magic in your behavior,
Innocence in your deeds,
Honesty in your work,
Smartness in your acts,
Will make you amazing,
astonishing beauty comes with these,
Be sure you have all these ingredient of magical beauty.
Be gorgeous. .

Be happy ★★★★★

Be Beautiful………….Be Magical


One thought on “Magical Beauty

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