Life is only yours

Life is only yours ,

Live the life the way you want, not what others expected from you,

Write what you feel not what others wanted from you,

Sing d song which you love not others suggested you,

Live the life of your own not what others imposed on you,

Speak for what you feel right not what other told you,

See the reality in eyes not what face exhibited you,

Be the person who you are not what others think of you,

Feel sorry for what you really did, not for false allegations,

Help the people who deserve, not whom forced you to do,

Smile for what makes you happy not to just fit in crowd,

Be with the person who always trust you, not who leaves in hard times,

Remember goodness in people not on what others pointed on,

Listen to your heart and soul, not on artificiality of world,

Live your life, it’s yours only yours…………

By neha-dixit

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