Every time……

When i get a smile on my face,

it lasts very soon and never come back.

But I still have hope Everything will be alright.

When i dance like crazy and burn the floor,

my rhythm lasts very soon and never be the same again.

But I still have hope Everything will be alright.

When i open my wings and fly high in the sky,

my wings get broken and never get replaced again.

But I still have hope Everything will be alright.

Every time, It happens….

My heart get broken,

My soul get wounded,

My smile get lost,

My voice loses its twinkle,

But I Never lose Hope..

I never gonna lose hope..

Because i know, sometimes, you need to flow with the flow,

And i know, sometimes, you need to recall all your strengths,

because i know some times you need to be patient and work on.





My Life~~ my rules

I love being mysterious,
Not easy to get,
I have my issues.
My logics.
My decisions.
My life my rules.
Love to laugh,
Love to make fun.

I am stupid,
I am smart,
I am not just anyone,
I am not open up to everyone,
I love being what i am,
I respect who i am,
My words ain’t perfect but my feelings are
My expressions ain’t but my intentions are
Sometimes I want you to know that
I am not perfect 👌🏼 but I am
better than you thought


It will end soon…

Thank god to provide me the strength,
To tolerate all the nonsense,
It’s evil out there,
But I believe it’s get over,
I rise up again,
All my scarifies not gonna vain,
I am honest,
Try to do my best,
Because I taught to never give up,
Bring you’re A game to me,
I am here to face my fear,
I have no place to go,
Its dark everywhere,
But I will find my moon,
Coz I believe it will end soon,
It will end soon…………………………..
it will end soon

Once upon a time III

Villagers responses to lady from queen.

We respect you mam

Are you sure you just here to see our lil angel .not to claim!!

If you are here from neighboring place,

We will let you know about our precious,

But some of us think you as suspicious,

We will tell you about our lil angel,

All of us love our lil angel,

She is like star of the heaven,

We all are lucky to have that one,

From when that lil angel came in to our land,

We all are full of prosperity and wealth,

She is like Aphrodite for us,

We never fight nor arguing with anyone,

We just love each other and help everyone.


once upon a time part II

Conversation of lady from queen and villagers:

Lady from queen came to the village,

To get to know about lil angel,

She talks to villagers,

Ask them,

I am from the land near the river,

I just heard about a girl,

Everyone around the river,

Spreading fumes of her beauty,

My old eyes also want to see,

And to feel how is she!!

Please I want to meet that goddess,

To give my love and blessings.

once upon a time part II by NehaDixit

Once upon a time

Little Angel and her dreams…………

This poem is the first of its series of poems about the little angel and her dreams.


Once upon a time,

In a land far far away from here,

A girl lived in there,

She looks like star,

Her voice like bizarre,

She smiles like angel,

Her face soothes everyone.

Fragrances of her beauty,

Spread everywhere,

The queen of the kingdom,

Heard about her,

She worried,

Thinking of the future,

She sends her slaves to look for lil angel.

once upon a time by neha dixit

Life:Glimpse of Happiness

a gimpse of happiness by neha

this is a motivational poem with the words of pure soul

When you feel low,

You had nothing to show,

But don’t be sad,

You have a lot of things to glad,

Life is a glimpse of happiness,

Because you have your loved ones blessings,

Just follow your heart,

Believe in yourself, you will get all the glitter.

On the sky, you gonna twinkle like a star.

Just do your work harder,

Don’t give a damn about others,

No matter how worst the situation,

Don’t leave your patience,

Never lose your ray of hope,

Control your temper,

Don’t burst on some deaf and dumber,

So, gather your strength,

Be good with even your enemy,

Let’s set another level of envy,

Just be with your instinct,

And give your life a twist,

Now you are strong, better than yesterday.

Let’s be honest,

Always remember you the best.

a gimpse of happiness by Neha dixit