Once upon a time

Little Angel and her dreams…………

This poem is the first of its series of poems about the little angel and her dreams.


Once upon a time,

In a land far far away from here,

A girl lived in there,

She looks like star,

Her voice like bizarre,

She smiles like angel,

Her face soothes everyone.

Fragrances of her beauty,

Spread everywhere,

The queen of the kingdom,

Heard about her,

She worried,

Thinking of the future,

She sends her slaves to look for lil angel.

once upon a time by neha dixit


Music: always around us :)

Music is a heeling source for your soul and mind.

a good peaceful music always helps you to feel better whenever you are not feeling well, feeling low, empty inside.

just listen to some good songs that will helps you to forget the pain and relax…

all kind of music is there……… for happiness, sadness, madness, obsessiveness…….. all kind of emotions..

Music is best way to express your emotions 🙂

Music is a all around the world…. we are so busy and we just avoid the greatest music ever ……….. Music of nature.songs of rain, wind, trees, birds, everything around us play their own instrument.. some we like and some we don’t.
but it is always there..

we have to just take a break and listen it..music

with new lyrics, new songs, some notes are high some are low but everyone has their own importance..


Music is always with us .. no matter what the situation is, where we go.. song of our soul is always with us the only thing is we don’t give enough time to our self to listen it.

So i just want to say that…………………..