It will end soon…

Thank god to provide me the strength,
To tolerate all the nonsense,
It’s evil out there,
But I believe it’s get over,
I rise up again,
All my scarifies not gonna vain,
I am honest,
Try to do my best,
Because I taught to never give up,
Bring you’re A game to me,
I am here to face my fear,
I have no place to go,
Its dark everywhere,
But I will find my moon,
Coz I believe it will end soon,
It will end soon…………………………..
it will end soon


Life:Glimpse of Happiness

a gimpse of happiness by neha

this is a motivational poem with the words of pure soul

When you feel low,

You had nothing to show,

But don’t be sad,

You have a lot of things to glad,

Life is a glimpse of happiness,

Because you have your loved ones blessings,

Just follow your heart,

Believe in yourself, you will get all the glitter.

On the sky, you gonna twinkle like a star.

Just do your work harder,

Don’t give a damn about others,

No matter how worst the situation,

Don’t leave your patience,

Never lose your ray of hope,

Control your temper,

Don’t burst on some deaf and dumber,

So, gather your strength,

Be good with even your enemy,

Let’s set another level of envy,

Just be with your instinct,

And give your life a twist,

Now you are strong, better than yesterday.

Let’s be honest,

Always remember you the best.

a gimpse of happiness by Neha dixit




Sometimes for your life,

You made some choice,

This is not so sweet

You scared,

Get confused,

Not able to take stand,

But deep down inside

You know, You have to,

For your future,

Not just because you want it,

But because this is the right thing,

You gather your strength

And make those decisions

Decisions of life,

Not easy to make,

You know you gonna face challenges,

You going to make compromises,

But you are ready for all consequences,

For your loved ones,

Sometimes you make some decisions

Decision by Neha Dixit

Baby don’t go

Baby don’t go

Don’t leave me alone,

I am scared,


please don’t leave me here,

I can’t breathe,

Not having anything,

I don’t want to lose you,

You my love, my treasure,

Don’t bring this weather,

Not even think about it,

I know it’s hard to admit,

You know we love each other,

Don’t break my heart,

Baby don’t go,

Don’t leave me alone……



Life is only yours

Life is only yours ,

Live the life the way you want, not what others expected from you,

Write what you feel not what others wanted from you,

Sing d song which you love not others suggested you,

Live the life of your own not what others imposed on you,

Speak for what you feel right not what other told you,

See the reality in eyes not what face exhibited you,

Be the person who you are not what others think of you,

Feel sorry for what you really did, not for false allegations,

Help the people who deserve, not whom forced you to do,

Smile for what makes you happy not to just fit in crowd,

Be with the person who always trust you, not who leaves in hard times,

Remember goodness in people not on what others pointed on,

Listen to your heart and soul, not on artificiality of world,

Live your life, it’s yours only yours…………

By neha-dixit

Let’s say goodbye last time

Let’s say goodbye last time….

You and I were great together,

But we aren’t meant for each other,

So, let’s say good bye last time,

From now on,

We are going with our own,

So, let’s loose all strings here,

No more lies,

No more fights,

Let’s say sorry last time….

You move on in your life,

God will make you wise,

You get all the happiness,

Fulfill all your dreams,

Baby take care,

Because I never be there,

Let’s feel those moments of sweetness,

Let’s bring that smile on our faces,

No grudges,

No complains,

Be happy forever,

You know it,

We owes it,

So,  Let’s say goodbye last time.

We were great together,

But we aren’t meant for each other……

Lets say goodbye last time by Neha Dixit

Run in the rain


Run in the rain.

Watch out for the stains,

On the street

On the corner,

Be careful,

Grudges everywhere

Some run to stay fit

Some run to forget

Some not courageous enough to run

They sit and make fun

I gather my strength

Wipe out my tears,

To face all my fears,

I run in the rain,

As fast as I can,

I m Ready to feel Pain,

I run in the rain

run in the rain by Neha Dixit






My To Do List

My To do list

I have a list of to do in this week:

I wanted to do all these

  1. Finish my book which I stuck from long time.
  2. Learn something new.
  3. Do my dry clean, drink coffee and watch sunset.
  4. Write something.
  5. Give some time to my garden.
  6. Wake up early and do some exercise.
  7. Arrange my shelf and take a walk on the roof.
  8. Watch my favorite movie and listen to my playlist.
  9. Do some meditation and stay calm.
  10. Keep smile on my face.

I am trying hard to do these things but in this busy life we are not able to make it.

But hope I will do it in this week.

Wish me Luck guys.

my to do list By Neha Dixit