My To Do List

My To do list

I have a list of to do in this week:

I wanted to do all these

  1. Finish my book which I stuck from long time.
  2. Learn something new.
  3. Do my dry clean, drink coffee and watch sunset.
  4. Write something.
  5. Give some time to my garden.
  6. Wake up early and do some exercise.
  7. Arrange my shelf and take a walk on the roof.
  8. Watch my favorite movie and listen to my playlist.
  9. Do some meditation and stay calm.
  10. Keep smile on my face.

I am trying hard to do these things but in this busy life we are not able to make it.

But hope I will do it in this week.

Wish me Luck guys.

my to do list By Neha Dixit

A way to happiness :Art of Giving


Art of giving

If you want to learn art of living,

You must have to understand art of giving.

To live life fullest you must have to learn art of giving.

A simple way to happiness is Art of giving….it soothes your mind body and soul.

art of giving Neha Dixit

“I believe that as much as you take, you have to give back. It’s important not to focus on yourself too much.” –

Nicole Kidman

If you have desire to achieve something, its good for you, you have a goal to live for,

But someone else have hope from you, it’s really a honor.

Can you feel that when a child smiles for you it makes your day a wonderful start.

Achieve everything that you deserve, but give the things which you desire

Give someone happiness, it makes you happy

Give someone hope it brings new light of courage in you.

Give someone a reason to smile; it gives you a ray of hope.

We all are so busy to accomplish our materialistic goals, we never think that a part of us is dying inside us that part is goodness, art of giving, which was naturally embedded with us when we born.

That’s why when we were kid we all are so sweet, give smiles to others, help others, love them, meet everyone gracefully, smiles freely, talk to everyone, dance, enjoying rain.

But what happen to that kid now, we are not able to smile at everyone, we talk to few, hesitate to help.

Just get out of your fences and start giving………….

Don’t focus too much on yourself, it going to destroy the real you.

Think about others who care for you, who waiting for your calls, who want listen to you,

Want to feel your presence,

Give them a reason to believe in you.

Give what you can, it always comes back to you.

If you give good it came back to you as blessings,

If you give bad, it came back as curse.

Choice is yours.

Think about it.

art of giving by neha dixit


What matter most: What someone else thinks about you or what you really are

What matter most: What someone else thinks about you or what you really are

Why we all are so conscious about what people think about us ,

Today an incident happen with me that make me think that way

i start asking to myself why we cares so much what people call us or what they think about us.

Today in a shop a girl asked a 35 year old woman “aunty is it raining out there?”

That woman weirdly starring at her and scolds at her “ How dare you to call me Aunty? Am i look like an aunty to you”

And other women’s with her also responded the same at her, I saw that girls face she was stunned, she apologies for calling her aunty.

I thought is it really matters for you what others called you.

I just don’t think so.

Those women while scolding on that girl watching me I don’t know why may be she wants me on her side too.

IF someone call me aunty it’s not matter for me because if I am then its ok.

If I am not then why would I care?

What someone calls you it’s not matter, what you really are that only matters

What other thinks about your personality that’s not matter, what persona you really have that only matters

This incident also shows that some persons are very much conscious about what others think about them, I saw wreckness in the eyes of that woman,

She scolds on that girl more than five minutes and even though that girl already says sorry for that.

I watched that woman and my mind ask me a question………….

What kind of rage was that?

May be she had a bad day so she just busted here,

Or maybe she wasn’t ready to confront this reality.

And I just smile and leave that place.


lovely love!!

Love is really lovely. …..

When we are in love we feel the presence of happiness in our life.

We realize how beautiful this world is..

We realize the importance of sunrises. .

N value of sunset. .

We find ourselves so awesome. ..

Which we didn’t feel the day before. .

Love isn’t in the air. ……its in  inside ourselves. .

What we  have to do is just feel it.. and its fragrance. ……….

Love is really lovely. …

Love makes good in everything. .

Love is really lovely it helps us to become best version of ourselves. .

Love is really lovely. ….

It gives strength n make u week too at the same time..

Love is really lovely….

We realize the lyrics of nature….

We realize music of life….

Thats why love is really lovely. ……..

Life : A wonderful canvas…………..

Life…really a remarkable question. Everyone has their own point of view about life..

Some says life is beautiful because it is full of surprises, happiness.

Some says life is hard… It never gives you second chance, it provide you a moment only once. It is harsh, painful and mean.

Some says life is short, so live it fullest…

We all are talk about the same thing and everyone has different views… Why?

Because we all said what we really feel about our life, experiences based on it.

So, I think Life is all about how we feel it.

If we feel that our life going to be awesome, then there is no choice for life to make us not feel the same..

Because we going to find out good from every Bad.

Happiness from every sorrow…

Humor from our pain…

Success from failure…

Learn from every single thing…

Life is greatest journey of our own selves here we going through every kind of emotions, relations, feelings, experience, situations.. And all this add a new landmark in our journey of life.

We just make ourselves depressed while thinking about what we don’t have ………. When we already have plenty of things for which we have to be thankful and happy.

We all feel low when we see someone more successful than us, but we don’t know what he going through.

I think life is a blank canvas……. We all have our colors……..and brushes whatever we add in our canvas it add a new experience in our life.. It may be good or bad….. But it teaches us something.

It’s all up to us which colors we choose for our painting of life…

Add bright colors like joy, happiness, sweetness, fun, smile, beauty, love, respect, truth, Passion.

Or dark colors including sadness, pain, jealousy, revenge, lies, hate, hurt and many more.

A true painter knows how to mix bright with dark colors and develop new shades..

Such as pain and truth mixed well and give a new color (lesson of life).

What we have to do is just choose right brush, right color to fill right place because we only have one canvas so we have to wisely choose which color use when and where..

If we do so, we have a wonderful painting of our life.

In the making of this wonderful painting lots of people came along some tell us new secrets of making it better, some spoils it.. But everyone helps us to add a new beauty in our painting.

What we have to do is just concentrate on our painting and don’t try to spoils others.

Because everyone works hard to make it best 🙂



Change: Don’t be afraid of it

Change is really a necessary part of living being.

We always say we don’t need to be change. I don’t want you to be change. You are change person now.

Means we always posses’ changes within ourselves no matter minor or major the change is.

From the time we born every moment we change sometime it reflects some time it doesn’t .. but it is always there.

Some changes are good, and some are bad……. But all are the forms of a process which is not the same before an instant.

Why we all are so scared of change….. We all need to change but scared of acceptance of others.

We don’t believe enough in ourselves that we going to make it in the exact shape as we think.

We have to learn a simple thing before going to change ourselves is………. WE have to trust on ourselves.. Trust on the way which we going to choose. We have to believe in our process of change.

We can’t make big changes in one day but we can make small small changes every day and these will make a big change in someday…….

So don’t be afraid of change…………. Just do what you really want to change in your life.

Changes can be done no matter how difficult it is……….. Just make a plan and stick to it and slowly slowly you will get what you really want ……………….

Remember One thing: if you really believe you can…….. then you surely can..

“I guess what I’m trying to say, is that if I can change, and you can change, everybody can change!”



I am glad you came:

I am glad you came

I dedicate this post to all those peoples who I met in the journey of my life and taught me some great lessons of life.

I really appreciated all those, who came to my life, first make a good impression on me and then slowly shows their true color…….

It’s a quite an interesting journey because of them, if they were not there to teach me how to understand these lifelong lessons I definitely not the person which I am now.

I really glad you came into my life so I can improve myself.

I am glad you give all that pain, so I am capable of bear any kind of situations now.

I am glad you broke my trust, so now I am able to not trust anyone blindly.

I am glad you leave me in hard times, so I am capable of dealing my problems alone.

I am glad you doubted on my capabilities, so now i prove you wrong.

I am glad you standing with others to watch me fall, so I am more concentrated on my stairs on success.

I am glad you hurt me. So now I know the pain and be humble to others.

I am glad you are fake, so I am able to recognize real ones.

I am glad you push me from the top to fall, so now I am flying in the universe

I am glad you put me in hard times, so I knew the true strength of mine.

I am glad you lie to me, so I learn not to trust anyone but on myself.

I am glad you aren’t there to lead me, so I could build myself as a leader.

I am glad you made me cry, so now, I am mature enough to handle the pain and value of smile on any face. 🙂

I am glad you are rude with me, so now I am polite to everyone.

I am glad you break my heart, now I am able to help others to not break theirs.

I am glad you change, so I learn how everyone around is not as they look or make you believe they are.

I am glad you take everything from me, so now I am able to find my hidden potential and build a new world.

I am glad you throw stones on me, so now i build my castle more strong.

I am glad you didn’t believe on me, so now I am able to believe on myself.

I am glad you didn’t respect me, now I learn to respect myself.

I am glad you put tears in my eyes, so I know the strength of my smile. 🙂

I am glad you leak my secrets, so I learn to whom I open up to.

I am glad you make fun of my dreams, so I am able to understand their true values.

Basically I am glad you cross my path and leave me in this manner so I learn most essential lessons of my life that is……………….


Never trust on anyone blindly……………….


Not always be so good to a person, who didn’t care about you…………….

It is better to have NOBODY, than to someone who is half there, or doesn’t want to be there.


That’s why i am glad you came………………………………………………….. 🙂



My two Best companion………

when i feel alone, scared, low i just try to look in my bag and bring my two best companion…….. a book and a Diary.

They always with me, no matter where i go they always with me to comfort me, help me to think, help me to take decisions, make sure that i stick to my goal……….

Book: Always be with me as my sober companion…. help me to grow in right direction. A book always make you feel good. i always posses a unfinished book with me so whenever i got time i just start reading it so my mind and heart not allowed any negative thoughts to enter in my brain, so a good read help you to manage positiveness in your soul.

To make my mind healthy i always feed it with beautiful and inspiring words of a book.

A book help me to feel the love, pain that i never imagine and also help me to get over of that.. It make me to enter in a different world, a new world full of adventure, curiosity, affection and many other feelings……..

So i never feel alone because i have someone who always there for me to distract me from all the problems, pains and burdens of life and help me to feel ease and give me a new light and new way of thinking ……………… and charge me up with great positivity so i can face all challenges of life.

and How wonderful it is, to be silent with someone.,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Simply just understand the feeling rest inside your heart.. Sometimes a book help me to relive a life which i always wanted and dreamed about..

A book make me believe that everything happen for a reason…

A book help me to trust my own intuition………..

A book help me to clear out safely from the maze of all negative thoughts and evils in my mind and help me to build a beautiful garden full of beautiful flowers of positive thoughts, grass of peace, trees of happiness, fruits of hard work, birds of kindness and sun of calmness…….. 🙂

the best place where i can live…………………….

A true companion of mine 🙂 and most faithful …………


A Diary:

And the other one is most remarkable part of me……….. it help me to express all my hidden feelings, emotions, expressions.

Help me to create my own world without any kind of boundaries, In diary everything is created, edited, directed by me……… I am the sole responsible for each n every events, memories, fictions rest in it.

Diary helps me to spread my wings and fly all over the sky………………………..

This is the only place where i feel no limit no restriction feeling full freedom ………………………………………….

Because here Sky is The Limit………………

I can fly all over the world and bring down everything that comes to my mind………………….

Help me to find the real me, who feel every single things, it help me to pour all my thoughts about almost everything in a place..

Make to write all hard feelings, tears and then make me feel light and soft………

It help me to strengthen back when i fully destroys and fight for the things which worth living..

Diary is true friend of mine who listen all my stupid, childish thoughts..

Sometime when my mind is full of anger it help me to cope when i write down all my frustration on it and then read out it loud…….

Sometime it posses most hilarious things which i wonder seriously , i think like this?

Diary and book both thought me …………

live your life fullest with the things wich are with you
not cursed your self with the things which you want with you
Stay happy and stay blessed 🙂