I want to be happy..

Sometimes, you feel blessed,

Sometimes, you want some blush,

but this time…….

I want to be happy,

I want to have fun,

Wanna live my life,

I don’t want to play games,

Not even wanna be in one,

I just want to be in peace,

Want true people around me,

Not the one who snatched me,

Blame me or do wrong with me,

I just want to be happy,

I just want to have fun….


My Life~~ my rules

I love being mysterious,
Not easy to get,
I have my issues.
My logics.
My decisions.
My life my rules.
Love to laugh,
Love to make fun.

I am stupid,
I am smart,
I am not just anyone,
I am not open up to everyone,
I love being what i am,
I respect who i am,
My words ain’t perfect but my feelings are
My expressions ain’t but my intentions are
Sometimes I want you to know that
I am not perfect 👌🏼 but I am
better than you thought


Life:Glimpse of Happiness

a gimpse of happiness by neha

this is a motivational poem with the words of pure soul

When you feel low,

You had nothing to show,

But don’t be sad,

You have a lot of things to glad,

Life is a glimpse of happiness,

Because you have your loved ones blessings,

Just follow your heart,

Believe in yourself, you will get all the glitter.

On the sky, you gonna twinkle like a star.

Just do your work harder,

Don’t give a damn about others,

No matter how worst the situation,

Don’t leave your patience,

Never lose your ray of hope,

Control your temper,

Don’t burst on some deaf and dumber,

So, gather your strength,

Be good with even your enemy,

Let’s set another level of envy,

Just be with your instinct,

And give your life a twist,

Now you are strong, better than yesterday.

Let’s be honest,

Always remember you the best.

a gimpse of happiness by Neha dixit


My New Year Resolution

My New Year Resolution:

Today is first day of a fresh new year.

And as other peoples I also want to make my first day something special but I am bit confused what to do to make it differ from my other days.

Even I believe in silly rituals like if you spend first day of a year in whatever way rest of the year be the same way.

So, I decided to make my first day in better way.

So, I start to do the things which I love most like sleeping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I woke up late and take breakfast made by my mom that was awesome.

And made an excellent cup of coffee and watch TV. Isn’t it awesome?

Then I sit on my study table and start working.

Suddenly I like to write something.

And this is my fresh poem for a fresh new glittery year……

I sit on my table

Listening songs and wonder,

Think about good things,

And trying to forget bad ones,

Again a year slips from our fingers,

And we still standing here,

Better from last year,

And experienced,

I just want to meet my best friend,

Chill out with her and enjoy once,

Just like others,

I also made my resolution,

And as usual think that it will bring revolution.

My resolution to be honest,

To be a good person

Not gonna hurt anyone.

Spreading lights in life just like Sun,

Hope to achieve it,

Bring it in real,

And make it reveal the true me,

The one who love to dance,

Read and laugh,

Make faces and still the same,

Shine more with my brain

This is my New Year resolution.

My New Year Resolution By Neha Dixit

Lovely Night..

Lovely night

When sun goes down,

Stars came out,

My heart says its lovely night,

Every time I saw moon,

I feel like life a boon,

My eyes get thunder,

When it gets twinkling tender,

I wonder!!

Universe, stars, planets and galaxy

All are there,

Then why we are here,

I wish I get my wings and fly over,

This lovely night,

Help me to forget all the fights,

To sleep tight,

I just wait whole day for this lovely night,

So I get down on my bed,

Forget all the stress and Take rest,

Lost in my dream,

it makes me feel awesome,

I adore this lovely night,

Every time when sun goes down,

I return to my home

Listening music and feel calm,

In Lovely night

 lovely night by Neha dixit

Run in the rain


Run in the rain.

Watch out for the stains,

On the street

On the corner,

Be careful,

Grudges everywhere

Some run to stay fit

Some run to forget

Some not courageous enough to run

They sit and make fun

I gather my strength

Wipe out my tears,

To face all my fears,

I run in the rain,

As fast as I can,

I m Ready to feel Pain,

I run in the rain

run in the rain by Neha Dixit






I Love Winter

i Love Winter By Neha Dixit

I love winter.

Its really tender,

Love its thunder wind.

That flows directly to my heart.

I love its smell,

The beauty of this season,

Rosy chicks, red nose,

Colorful clothes, socks, Christmas,

I wait for this season.

I miss That gloves of mine,

I miss my sweat shirt, my quilt.

My jacket, my stole,

I love winter,

Its really tender,

I love to drink coffee in the morning,

I still feel the Shivering,

I miss those blossoms,

That Snow fall was awesome,

I miss my sweet November,

Still remember grand ma’s stories,

Still remember all that queries,

Miss you winter,

Please come soon,

I want to send my wish balloon,

Just came early and stay long.

I love winter,

It’s really tender.

I want to send seasonal greetings,

Those family gatherings,

Those festive seasons,

My Christmas wishes and gifts,

I love holidays,

sleep long and getup late.

O winter come soon,

That late sun-rising and early moon.

I love winter

Its really tender.

I love Winter season by Nehadxt




Magical Beauty

Real Magical Beauty,

Real Magical beauty is not how you look,

Wear expensive accessories,

Glam up with your dresses,

Not even in jimmy choo.

Magical Beautiful by Neha Dixit

Real beauty is inside us,

It’s really magical,

You have everything, what you really have to do is,

Take some time and feel it,

You are butterfly,

You are born to fly,

Just get out of your cocoon,

And feel the moon,

You are special,

Let the world feel it,

Confidence in your smile,
Trust in your eyes,
Sweetness in your voice,
Politeness in your nature,
Magic in your behavior,
Innocence in your deeds,
Honesty in your work,
Smartness in your acts,
Will make you amazing,
astonishing beauty comes with these,
Be sure you have all these ingredient of magical beauty.
Be gorgeous. .

Be happy ★★★★★

Be Beautiful………….Be Magical


A way to happiness :Art of Giving


Art of giving

If you want to learn art of living,

You must have to understand art of giving.

To live life fullest you must have to learn art of giving.

A simple way to happiness is Art of giving….it soothes your mind body and soul.

art of giving Neha Dixit

“I believe that as much as you take, you have to give back. It’s important not to focus on yourself too much.” –

Nicole Kidman

If you have desire to achieve something, its good for you, you have a goal to live for,

But someone else have hope from you, it’s really a honor.

Can you feel that when a child smiles for you it makes your day a wonderful start.

Achieve everything that you deserve, but give the things which you desire

Give someone happiness, it makes you happy

Give someone hope it brings new light of courage in you.

Give someone a reason to smile; it gives you a ray of hope.

We all are so busy to accomplish our materialistic goals, we never think that a part of us is dying inside us that part is goodness, art of giving, which was naturally embedded with us when we born.

That’s why when we were kid we all are so sweet, give smiles to others, help others, love them, meet everyone gracefully, smiles freely, talk to everyone, dance, enjoying rain.

But what happen to that kid now, we are not able to smile at everyone, we talk to few, hesitate to help.

Just get out of your fences and start giving………….

Don’t focus too much on yourself, it going to destroy the real you.

Think about others who care for you, who waiting for your calls, who want listen to you,

Want to feel your presence,

Give them a reason to believe in you.

Give what you can, it always comes back to you.

If you give good it came back to you as blessings,

If you give bad, it came back as curse.

Choice is yours.

Think about it.

art of giving by neha dixit


What matter most: What someone else thinks about you or what you really are

What matter most: What someone else thinks about you or what you really are

Why we all are so conscious about what people think about us ,

Today an incident happen with me that make me think that way

i start asking to myself why we cares so much what people call us or what they think about us.

Today in a shop a girl asked a 35 year old woman “aunty is it raining out there?”

That woman weirdly starring at her and scolds at her “ How dare you to call me Aunty? Am i look like an aunty to you”

And other women’s with her also responded the same at her, I saw that girls face she was stunned, she apologies for calling her aunty.

I thought is it really matters for you what others called you.

I just don’t think so.

Those women while scolding on that girl watching me I don’t know why may be she wants me on her side too.

IF someone call me aunty it’s not matter for me because if I am then its ok.

If I am not then why would I care?

What someone calls you it’s not matter, what you really are that only matters

What other thinks about your personality that’s not matter, what persona you really have that only matters

This incident also shows that some persons are very much conscious about what others think about them, I saw wreckness in the eyes of that woman,

She scolds on that girl more than five minutes and even though that girl already says sorry for that.

I watched that woman and my mind ask me a question………….

What kind of rage was that?

May be she had a bad day so she just busted here,

Or maybe she wasn’t ready to confront this reality.

And I just smile and leave that place.