Today I heard a person praying in temple…. I am not supposed to hear it but coincidently I just hear some words of his prayer. Those words are “Dear God, I am tired of living life like this.. I always wants money, success, career and you provide me all those but why I am not happy??

Please God I want to be happy…. I cant even remember when last time I was laugh. I just remember some artificial smiles which I always wear to please others.. I just need to smile without reason. Cost free smile which come automatically on someone’s face. I need that true feeling. I feel like a robot who just do what is assigned to him.. getup and go to the office read news paper on the way to office, During office hour just paste a curve on my lips which I give a name as “work smile” this comes when i made eye contact with other robots. Some of them are nice some are from your planet and others from the different planet, Sometimes we are allowed to see some Aliens which comes from different universe too.

But all are alike in various manner, all wear that curve on their faces (work smile). Communicates with other robots to solve puzzles or cracking any encrypted codes. I didn’t see any sign of human in this area (office).

So, My dear God Please help me because I want to be a human who feel pain, happiness. Who feels all seasons including winter, summer, spring, rain.

Help me to get back to a human.

I didn’t realize when I became a robot; I can’t even remember what I lost during my blind chasing of my success, money.

Now I have money but I don’t have anyone to spend on.

I have success but there is no true person who is really happy for me, with whom I celebrate it.

I don’t want to be with robots I don’t want to live rest of my life as robot.. Please God help me to transform from Robot to Human again.”

I listen to that person’s prayer and I am stunned by seeing a well establish person who wear expensive dress and had a sports car. He feels this much pain inside his heart.

Then I start my prayer because when I hear his prayer I am not able to concentrate on mine so I just silently listen his and when he completed his then I start mine .. “Dear God Thank You for everything

And I just came out of the temple and sit on the green area around the temple , and think about what that person really want now?

And what solution God going to provide him?I know it’s not my concern, but just strikes me again and again………. And then I feel that why we always pointed finger on God and tell that he does bad with us but the thing is we all do what we wanted to. We just forget in this Race of life about the most precious things like emotions, true love, concern for others, non selfish acts and when we are far away from these then we realize that we all become Robots and we have only machine (brain), battery ( pumping heart without all these feelings ) and money….



One thought on “Prayer:

  1. That’s why I always say “Enjoy the journey..” we are too busy in making our future and forget about the present ..future depends on the present, if you spoil your present for your future..then you can’t blame anyone for that because you can’t plan everything in the life…so let it be..enjoy the journey.. enjoy the moment..
    Be Happy..

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